Sugar Shack’s Rob Krupicka Named one of Arlington Magazine’s “Faces of 2017”

1014 South Glebe Road

Arlington Magazine’s May/June issue highlights Sugar Shack owner Rob Krupicka. Here’s an excerpt from their write-up of the popular business created by the former Virginia State Delegate:

Want a great gift idea? “Donut4Good” cards reward people that do great things. It’s one of Rob Krupicka’s innovations at Sugar Shack. They also give generously to local charities, schools, the military, and other causes. Everything is made by hand, with no automated machines. Coffee is from Zeke’s in Baltimore. “Our products take a little extra work, but it’s worth it,” (Krupicka) says, “We know folks prefer the quality of handcrafted community goodness.  Whether you’re a daily coffee drinker, bringing donuts to reward friends or colleagues, or a family spending quality time together.”

Stores are located in Arlington at Glebe Road and Columbia Pike, at 9th and U Streets in D.C., also in Alexandria. Order online at www.sugarshackdmv.com
“Great donuts and coffee that benefit the community is a pretty cool business.”