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The Columbia Pike Partnership needs your engagement and support to do our important work! Like most nonprofits around the country, we have experienced a dramatic shift in how we do our work. With canceled or adapted events and fundraisers and new, unbudgeted programs to meet our community’s needs, your support is more important than ever!

Your Donation Supports…

Community Events

Your donations help us create a sense of community by supporting our placemaking programs, such as the Columbia Pike Farmers Market and our Clean & Safe program.

Our signature events also help to bring our diverse community together. During the COVID-19 pandemic we have worked hard to adapt, rather than cancel, our events to continue this tradition of “togetherness.”

New Programs

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began we have adapted everything we do to respond to the most critical needs of our community. To help our wonderful local restaurants during the shut downs, we raised $40,000 to purchase almost 3,000 meals for nurses. And to help sustain our local farms as markets closed across the region and address increasing food shortages among our low-income residents, we created the Feed Our Families program, which has provided 4,860 boxes of produce to low-income families. We have also greatly expanded our Business Support programming and community outreach efforts to provide additional technical assistance, promotional support, workshops, guidance, and so much more. Your donations are essential to ensuring our wonderfully diverse business community not just survives but thrives


We work to ensure our vibrant and diverse community is supported and receives the resources it needs to thrive and amplify the voice of the people when needs aren’t being met or when concerns are raised. We advocate for updates to transportation options, maintenance of roadways and sidewalks, amendments to building regulations, and several other items that align with the community’s vision of creating a diverse, vibrant, pedestrian-friendly “Main Street.”

Community Outreach

We strive to keep our community up to date on all major news, upcoming projects, construction, business openings and closings, transportation issues, and so much more with our weekly newsletter, our blog, and on our social media pages.

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