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How will transit stations benefit Columbia Pike?

The Columbia Pike Revitalization Organization is working with the County to bring you a series of articles answering the important questions about the Columbia Pike Transit Stations coming this fall.

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Growing Transit Need

The Columbia Pike corridor currently has the highest number of daily bus commuters in the Commonwealth of Virginia with ridership expected to increase as Amazon HQ2 grows in neighboring Crystal City.

Current Population
Columbia Pike’s 50,288 residents make up 17% of the County’s total population


Population Growth
▲ 34% between 2018 and 2019, expected to increase an additional 20+% by 2030


Daily Transit Riders
30% of Pike residents ride a bus at least 3 days per week


Daily Vehicle Traffic
28,000 and growing


The Amazon Effect
25,000 new jobs by 2030
50% of Amazon Employees use public transit
New routes planned, delivering one-seat ride to Crystal City
$150 million county investment in 2,400 housing units


More Than a Shelter

The transit stations will provide additional amenities beyond shelter from the elements that are specifically designed to provide faster commute times and enhance the entire transit experience.


Passenger Information
Updated maps of local bus routes and metro-style display screens providing real-time “next bus” arrivals


Multi-Bus Boarding
Station boarding platforms clearly define bus stopping points to allow two buses to pull in to the station at once, reducing wait times for boarding.


Raised Curbs for Near-Level Boarding
Buses will no longer need to manually lower and raise at each stop and will see improved operation with wheelchair ramps


Part of the Plan

The new transit stations are just one part of Arlington County’s Transit Development Plan and the Columbia Pike Premium Transit Network that will offer faster, more reliable, and easier-to-use bus.


Off-Vehicle Fare Collection
Paying your bus fare at the station will be available once all 23 stations are complete, providing faster commute times by reducing congestion and delays while boarding


Local Connections
A new Metrobus 16M route will offer a direct connection to Crystal City from every transit station on Columbia Pike and enhanced ART service will link nearby neighborhoods to Columbia Pike, Crystal City, and the Rosslyn-Ballston corridor


Transit Signal Priority & Limited-Stop Service
Express service and enhanced traffic signal technologies will provide commuters with more frequent and faster trips along Columbia Pike from Fairfax to the Pentagon and points in DC


Branded Vehicles and Information
Making transit easy to identify and understand


Value of Transit

Investment in the Columbia Pike Premium Transit Network is expected to make transit easier, safer, more attractive, and accessible while accommodating increases in ridership and spurring economic growth.

Every $1 invested in public transportation generates $4 in economic returns


Home Values
▲ 42%


Job Growth
▲ 50 (per $1M invested)


Business Sales
▲ $3M (per $1M invested)


Household Expenses
▼ $10K (compared to car ownership)

The Columbia Pike Revitalization Organization will continue to work with the County to keep the public updated as we learn more about the project timeline, budget, and future phases.

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