OUR MAN ON THE STREET.  Lloyd Washington helps to keep the Pike clean!

Before CPRO initiated its new Keep the Pike Clean program this past year, Arlington County’s Solid Waste Bureau (part of the Department of Environmental Services — DES) had just one worker on staff to keep Columbia Pike clear of trash and debris during the week — Lloyd Washington, a many-year veteran of the County. There was no trash pick-up or cleaning services on weekends, and Lloyd was essentially a one-man band, working hard and with great dedication to clean up Columbia Pike by himself.

In July 2017, the County increased CPRO’s funding, and one of the County Board’s directives was for CPRO to develop a cleaning program on the Pike. After brainstorming with DES, both parties determined to use a portion of the new County funding to hire a second Solid Waste Bureau employee, Christian Blackwell, to assist Lloyd Washington.

Christian works in tandem with Lloyd to improve the efficiency of trash collection, and especially provide weekend trash services.

Many local businesses have noticed the difference they have made already, commenting that they have seen a big difference in the general cleanliness since Christian joined Lloyd in keeping the Pike clean. Lloyd and his brothers, Floyd and Larry, all work for DES. Lloyd Washington has become CPRO’s eyes and ears on the street, seeing problems and issues and reporting them to the County and CPRO staff. He takes such pride in Columbia Pike, and treats it like his own backyard. It is our hope that his enthusiasm for our “newest and oldest main street” transfers to all Pike residents and inspires them to keep the Pike clean!