A CLEANER BUS STOP FOR MLK DAY! County Board Chair Katie Cristol, CPRO Board President John Snyder (far left, front row) and 18 generous volunteers cleaned the Metro/ART bus stop area adjacent to Columbia Pike Plaza.

“Everybody can be great…because anybody can serve.” – Reverend Martin Luther King Jr.

Along with 11 other non-profit organizations, CPRO was proud to participate in Arlington’s MLK Day of Service. Organized by the Leadership Center for Excellence and Volunteer Arlington, the freezing cold day started out at the Career Center with an inspirational video on Martin Luther King Jr., and uplifting talks by community leaders. It then proceeded outdoors (and indoors, as well) to works of civic participation.

As part of its new cleaning program, CPRO’s MLK Day service project was a clean-up of the rock garden at the Metro/ART bus stop on Dinwiddie Street and the Pike. The site was across from the Arlington Mill Community Center and adjacent to Columbia Pike Plaza, and it was a brutally cold day for a clean-up. Nevertheless, County Board Chair Katie Cristol and CPRO Board President John Snyder were there to lend a hand, along with 16 other volunteers who braved the weather for a “Day On” rather a “Day Off”.

WE ARE HERE TO VOLUNTEER! Greg Hamilton, current chairman of the Leadership Center for Excellence, speaks to more than 700 volunteers.

The morning began with a presentation at the Arlington Career Center with opening remarks by Greg Hamilton, publisher and co-founder of Arlington Magazine, and Dr. Leonard L. Hamlin, Sr. , Pastor of Macedonia Baptist Church. Marymount University President Dr. Matthew D. Shank pledged Marymount’s full support to volunteering throughout the year. Betsy Frantz, President and CEO of the Leadership Center for Excellence, introduced a short video that featured the life and beliefs of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

LEADERS IN ACTION. L. to R.: Greg Hamilton, publisher and co-founder of Arlington Magazine; Betsy Frantz, President and CEO of the Leadership Center for Excellence; Dr. Leonard L. Hamlin, Sr., Pastor of Macedonia Baptist Church;  Dr. Matthew D. Shank, President of Marymount University; and Lisa Fikes, Director of Volunteer Arlington.

Director of Volunteer Arlington Lisa Fikes noted that more than 700 people signed up for the day of service. The Career Center was packed from wall to wall as the volunteers were dismissed to their respective projects.


A DAY ON, NOT A DAY OFF. Volunteers hard at work in the arctic temperatures.

After all arrived at the rock garden, the 18 volunteers made quick work of the project, despite the frigid temperatures. With everyone working together, the project was completed in an hour.

MLK DAY ROCKS! The rock garden at the Dinwiddie Street bus stop after clean-up.

Thanks to all CPRO volunteers for braving the cold weather and keeping the spirit of Dr. King alive. Thanks to Volunteer Arlington for organizing this inspiring event!