CPRO was proud to be honored by the Arlington Transportation Partners last week at the 2019 Champions Banquet. ATP named CPRO “Outstanding Partner of the Year” for its continued collaboration with different facets of the Champions program.

ATP recognized CPRO for its role in establishing relationships with the business community along the Columbia Pike corridor and supporting ATP’s outreach efforts during major transportation events. CPRO also regularly works with the corridor’s residential properties to promote the Pike as a vibrant urban corridor with numerous amenities and transportation options available to residents.

For the past three years, CPRO worked closely with ATP to ensure the success of the annual Our Shared Streets pop-up, which promotes care and respect towards all road users and in 2019, CPRO worked with ATP on a walking tour of Columbia Pike to welcome new teachers at the Montessori Public School of Arlington that opened in August.

“We are honored to be recognized for our work with Arlington Transportation Partners,” says CPRO Executive Director, Kim Klinger. “And we feel very lucky to live and work in an area with so many transportation options available and to be able to work organizations like ATP that constantly work to help us in our mission to make the Pike a vibrant, urban corridor by supporting and promoting these transportation options.”