Following the success of the recent “Business Listening Session”, the Columbia Pike Revitalization Organization has decided to host a monthly roundtable discussion (virtually) with Columbia Pike businesses. Business owners and managers are invited to openly discuss the challenges they are facing, share creative solutions they’ve found, and collaborate on new initiatives.

Each month’s discussion will have a central theme to kick things off but any topic is welcome during the discussions. While there will not be formal speakers, CPRO staff and relevant partners from Arlington County may be in the discussion to listen and answer questions as they arise.

“We are hopeful that an open forum will foster creative collaboration as we all strive to reinvent ourselves and operate in new ways that keep our community both safe and thriving,” says Program Director Stephen Gregory Smith.

Thank you to everyone who attended our pilot roundtable “Reopening in Arlington” in June. CPRO will begin offering the roundtables monthly on the third Friday of each month starting September 18, 2020. Each will focus on a particular theme with local businesses and/or experts leading the discussion. Event invitations will be sent via the Columbia Pike Businesses online group, but any business who does not wish to join the group can contact CPRO to request meeting details.