BM Smith, a Pike-based real estate management, development, and brokerage company founded in 1908, has received the Legacy Award for Oldest/Longest Established Business in Arlington from Arlington Economic Development (AED).

AED’s Award

AED’s first ever Legacy Award award was presented at a special event on May 10 as part of its mission to connect leaders in the local business community, and empower and support commercial growth. Leslie Ariail, granddaughter of B. M. Smith, and partner in the firm since 1990, gratefully accepted the recognition on behalf of the company.

“As the longest serving business in Arlington, BM Smith is truly a legacy in Arlington’s business community,” said Christina Winn, director of AED’s business investment team. “As we continue to build a strong business ecosystem in Arlington, we can never forget where we started. Businesses like BM Smith allow us to remember our foundation and truly demonstrate what it means to be a leader in Arlington’s business community.”

The AED spring event, dubbed “Premiere” and held in Rosslyn, was designed to celebrate legacy businesses in the County, as well as new members of its creative economy sector.

BM Smith Today

BM Smith is still run by family, with B.M. Smith’s grandson, David Peete, serving as president of the company alongside his four family partners – Benjamin Smith, Guy Gravett, Leslie Ariail, and Ed Peete. He and his family partners consider it a privilege to continue their father’s and grandfather’s legacy on Columbia Pike. “We believe that our longevity stems from focusing on two main areas,” he says.  “Excellence in management, and service in our community.”

BM Smith’s management excellence, for example, has repeatedly been recognized by industry leaders, especially in the past three years with the prestigious PACE award (Property Management Association Apartment Community Excellence) for Apartment Community Management Excellence.

Its role in the development of the Columbia Pike community is legendary, and has always included community service. Deepening their long-term commitment to the Pike’s well-being, the company in 2016 launched BM Smith Gives Back, an innovative program which offers staff opportunities to volunteer monthly at nonprofits based along the Pike. BM Smith matches its manpower efforts with a financial contribution to these neighborhood organizations.

Organizations benefitting from BM Smith Gives Back include the Arlington Free Clinic, Arlington Partnership for Affordable Housing (APAH), Arlington Food Assistance Center (AFAC), AHC Inc., Residential Program Center (RPC) (a shelter for homeless and substance abuse recovery on Columbia Pike), Doorways for Women & Families, Bridges to Independence, Aspire! and the Columbia Pike Revitalization Organization (CPRO), among others. David Peete currently serves as vice-chair of CPRO.

Read more information on BM Smith’s history.PIKE BUSINESS – BM Smith Receives First Ever Legacy Award from Arlington Economic Development

Teaming up for some fun. L to R: Chris Hawkins (Engineer, Penrose Square), Scott Fleming (former Engineer, Penrose Square), Sydney Merino (Director, Brand & Culture – BM Smith), Richard Huezo (Engineer, Penrose Square), Lauren Hamm (VP, Controller – BM Smith), Tina Vandivier (Community Director, Penrose Square). 

PIKE BUSINESS – BM Smith Receives First Ever Legacy Award from Arlington Economic Development

BM Smith Engineering Team. L to R: Halston Jones (Lead Porter, Penrose Square), Micky Abol (Engineer, 2200 Columbia Pike), Richard Huezo (Engineer, Penrose Square), Neil Winsten (VP for Construction & Engineering, Scott Fleming), Carlton Jones (Lead Engineer, 2200 Columbia Pike), Doug Sasfai (Engineer, BM Smith), Jose Ramirez, Christopher Hawkins (Engineer, Penrose Square), Carlos Mayorga (Lead Engineer, 2121 Columbia Pike).

PIKE BUSINESS – BM Smith Receives First Ever Legacy Award from Arlington Economic Development

BM Smith Corporate Team. L to R: Judy Robb (Accounting Director), David Miranda (Operations Coordinator), Neil Winsten (VP for Construction & Engineering), David Peete (Partner & President), Cristina Vera (Commercial Asset Manager), Lauren Hamm (VP & Controller), Sydney Merino (Director, Brand & Culture).