2020 has been a year of uncertainty and hardship for many with the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to affect families and businesses across the country – and around the world. But Columbia Pike’s business community has rallied, and we’ve seen our businesses adapting and thriving against all odds, with more than a dozen new businesses opening in our area.

Columbia Pike’s newest business has moved into the Siena Park building at 2301 Columbia Pike. Dr. Ifeanyi Alex Okoye (Dr. O) opened the doors of Children’s Dentistry of Arlington earlier this month.

“I’m so grateful to open my practice on Columbia Pike,” said Dr. O. “It’s a vibrant and growing community with lots of young families and the other local business owners have been very welcoming.”

While Dr. O certainly didn’t expect to open a new business in the midst of a public health crisis when he began this journey last year, he is certainly no stranger to pandemics. Born and raised in Nigeria, he worked with the World Health Organization (WHO) on the Global Polio Eradication Initiative and the International Center for AIDS Care and Treatment Program (ICAP).

“Most people don’t realize how public health crises over the years have revolutionized the dental industry,” said Dr. O. “Prior to the AIDS crisis, dentists rarely wore gloves or masks. Now, dentistry is seeing another revolution with new technologies being developed every day to mitigate the spread of airborne infections and pollutants in the dental office.”

Children’s Dentistry of Arlington is leading the way in cutting-edge technologies. All of their treatments are minimally invasive, utilizing lasers, transillumination, and more. You won’t find any scary high-speed drills or uncomfortable dental putty here.

Additionally, each bay has its own dedicated suction system with both intra- and extra-oral suction capability to catch any droplets that escape into the air. Even the HVAC system utilizes the latest plasma technology to not just filter the air, but also treat it with activated oxygen that kills bacteria and deactivates viruses.

Beyond implementing cutting-edge technology, everything about patient interaction outside of procedures is completely contact-less. Intake forms can be filled out and submitted completely online. A two-way texting system allows the staff to alert patients to when they should enter the offices to ensure they are the only patients in the lobby and there is no waiting. Payments can also be done online.

In addition to his commitment to public safety, Dr. O is passionate about working with children with special needs.

“People ask me why special needs? And I always tell them the same thing: if I don’t do this, who will? Everything about how we designed the offices was to ensure the most comfortable environment possible for children with special needs,” he said. “We don’t want going to the dentist to be stressful; we’re trying to make it a calm and fun experience for them.”

At Children’s Dentistry of Arlington you’ll find a quiet room filled with soft textures and Dr. O and his team go above and beyond for the children, asking parents about their child’s favorite color or toys so they can have special items on hand to make the office feel more like home. He’s also created a “game” that teaches children what to expect during their visit and he implements positive reinforcement, allowing the kids to earn rewards for following instructions and remaining calm.

Children’s Dentistry of Arlington is truly the “dentist of the future” and is committed to the safety and comfort of its patients. To learn more about Dr. O and his services, visit www.smilezdoc.com. And, for a limited time, when you sign up as a new patient, you’ll receive a free Sonicare electric toothbrush.