In the heart of Arlington, a story of passion, community, and personal evolution has been unfolding for the past 15 years. It all began with Emerson Doyle, a native Arlingtonian residing on Columbia Pike, who began his journey in martial arts at the tender age of 10. His martial arts roots were planted at the US Taekwondo College, located a few blocks from his current Columbia Pike studio.

In 2008, fueled by a vision to foster a space where martial arts thrived through community and creativity, Emerson alongside his Creative Forms Team, founded Creative Martial Arts. This project extended martial arts education to children in Arlington’s community centers, including Walter Reed and Thomas Jefferson.

Three years down the road, as they witnessed their rapid evolution and expansion, Emerson and his team recognized the need for a name that truly encapsulated the transformative journey they were on. Thus, they unveiled the name “EvolveAll,” a perfect reflection of the ongoing evolution and growth that defined their martial arts community.

The heart of EvolveAll isn’t just in its name; it’s embedded in the very essence of the studio. The EvolveAll logo, featuring a Japanese enso, a symbol of togetherness and a green leaf, symbolizing growth, tells the story of unity and progress. And as you step through the doors of the studio at 1058 S Walter Reed Drive, the entire atmosphere unveils a symphony of natural beauty. The space is awash in calming, earthy hues and vibrant greens, invoking a sense of serenity. Abundant plant life adorns every corner, breathing life into the environment while the generous flow of sunlight warmly welcomes you.

Evolve All is more than just a space; it’s a living testament to the principles of unity, community growth, and personal transformation. As Emerson reflects, “We are living the dream. The goal was to create a space where people could come together, work, grow, and do martial arts together; a space where people could learn how to defend themselves.”

Emerson’s dream would not be complete without the strong community he’s cultivated. One such member is Dan Brady, who recently assumed the role of marketing manager after being a longstanding member of the EvolveAll community. Dan enrolled his children in classes and couldn’t resist the call to support the studio when the opportunity arose. “Columbia Pike is my home, and EvolveAll is no exception,” says Dan. He and his wife have all become a part of the EvolveAll community, taking full advantage of the stacking family services the studio offers.

EvolveAll doesn’t stop at martial arts. It’s a multifaceted haven for personal growth and wellness, offering a diverse range of programs such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Adult Self Defense, Tai Chi Chuan, Yoga, Boxing, Women’s Kickboxing and Jiu-Jitsu.

Emerson also firmly believes in affordability and inclusivity, exemplifying a pricing structure designed to be competitive and a system of stacking discounts for families, ensuring the benefits of martial arts are accessible to all age groups, from 5-year-old beginners to seniors.

However, what truly ignites Emerson’s passion is when his young students grow into instructors themselves, reflecting a cycle of growth, mentorship and community-building. His dream, after all, was to create a space where people could not only learn martial arts but also discover themselves and grow their potential.

If you’re in search of more than just martial arts, if you are seeking a place where personal evolution and community thrive, look no further than EvolveAll on Columbia Pike. Here, dreams become reality, and the spirit of martial arts unites and empowers everyone who steps through its welcoming doors.

Photos courtesy of Evolve All

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1028 S Walter Reed Drive, Arlington, Virginia 22204.
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