This month, the Columbia Pike Revitalization Organization joined the Arlington County Civic Federation (ACCF) making it one of only two County Partnership/BID among its members – the second being Lee Highway Alliance.

“We at CPRO felt it was important to join the ACCF to ensure we stayed up-to-date on the important issues affecting all Arlington communities, not just our own,” said CPRO Executive Director Kim Klingler. “We are very eager to be a part of the discussions so that we may better understand the community we serve.”

The ACCF is a non-profit corporation which provides a forum for civic groups to discuss, debate, inform, advocate and provide oversight on important community issues, on a non-partisan basis. For over one hundred years, the ACCF has devoted itself to improving the quality of life in Arlington County, in advocating improvements in the infrastructure of the County, and in airing and discussing issues of concern to its members. The organization meets monthly from September through June and regularly provides feedback and resolutions to the Arlington County Board.